There almost wasn’t a newsletter this month. In some ways there still isn’t… this was a very last minute (in the entirely literal sense) topic idea due to a month of rest, recuperation, relaxation, and procrastination.

What I am not going to write in this newsletter is how you can avoid procrastination, though I’m sure I could write many ‘half-baked’ paragraphs on this topic. I want to confirm that sometimes we all need time off. There is no way that we can continue to move forwards all the time without taking a little step backwards.

Sometimes we need to sink into the feeling of doing nothing, accept it for what it is and not feel bad about it, the not feeling bad or guilty being the most important part of this. Only after this has been done should we make a concerted effort to get ourselves back on track hopefully feeling well rested and ready to make our next forward steps.

My month ‘wasted’

I tend to judge myself for not doing what I wanted to do… but I feel this is entirely unproductive. I tend to judge myself to the point that I procrastinate more to avoid my own feeling that I need to be productive.

Here I am going to list all the things that I didn’t achieve this month so that hopefully you don’t feel as bad about what you didn’t achieve (here I assume there is someone out there reading this - otherwise I hope that this is useful to a random web scraper… Hey Google).

  • I didn’t do anymore Data Science learning (I was working on a Data Science course in July but this month I haven’t actually made anymore progress).

  • I didn’t finish one of the blog posts I was planning on (the review of DataCamp is still sitting there in my drafts area)

  • I didn’t get round to writing my CV (another thing to add to my ever growing list to do next month)

  • I didn’t continue my running routine (so now I’ll have to spend more time getting my fitness back next month)

  • I didn’t tidy up my room (it is still a fortress of boxes that I have to avoid every time I walk in and out my room - and unfortunate it isn’t one of those cool box castles)

  • I didn’t manage to work on a weather station project (this has now been on hold for at least 6 months)

  • I didn’t practice my violin (so I’m getting exceedingly rusty - my audition for an orchestra next year is going to be very interesting - probably going to be embarrassing… and will plague my memories for many weeks afterwards)

  • I didn’t do much at all and I’m okay with that.

Now that I have revealed my lack of progress this month, I hope you won’t feel as bad about your own lack of progress in whatever endeavour you are interested in. Remember that you can take a break and sometimes procrastination is just another way your body and brain are telling you that you need to have a rethink.

Best wishes to you all - hope you had a decent month and good luck for September!

~Alex ✌️