Why the theme “co-create”?

The first yoga nidra series from the Innerspace Revolution membership is multi-layered. For one, I see Yoga Nidra as an essentially collaborative practice. Although you are guided to enjoy a resting state, you are not at all passive to the guidance and visualization—you are in the driver’s seat.

In each yoga nidra, which was recorded live with participants in 2022, I “paint” a landscape for you to immerse safely into and explore. Your subconscious does the rest, and knows what restoration you are ready for.

The other layer of "co-create" is in the bigger picture: the fact that every moment of our waking lives is a co-creation with the rest of the world. How do we want to collaborate and create each moment? I would think we'd all want to know ourselves inside and out, in order to be channels for greater good. Thus, the series "Co-Create" was crafted with the intention of aligning with oneself- specifically our own energy centers, starting with the root and going all the way up to the third eye and crown. 

This series is a great introduction to those who would like to begin practicing yoga nidra as sadhana, or a daily spiritual practice:

  • Take the root practice, and repeat 1x / day for at least 7 days

  • Repeat with the other practices

  • Or, do a different one each day for at least 7 days

Take note of any impacts, or discuss and ask questions in the comments!

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