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Insanely Free is an ethos of truth, freedom, and sovereignty.

Private members get early access to my insights on geopolitics, nomadism, wellbeing, cryptocurrencies, and much more. You won't find those insights anywhere else.

A few words about my background.

I've lived and worked in 3 continents and spent time in more countries than I can remember. My entire life fits in a 35L backpack.

The optionality of living like this has paid dividends over the years. Local knowledge, on-the-ground insights, and connections I can trust are just some of those dividends.

I used to work for major consulting and software companies followed by several tech startups, before I eventually started my own business.

After decades of trying to find freedom, and making every mistake one can make along the way, in 2019 I built a practical framework for freedom in the physical world. And in 2022 I created one for the digital world. Together they are the best instruction manual for freedom you can find online – believe me, I've looked.

"An instruction manual for freedom? Don't make me laugh."

Laughable isn't it? It's like proposing an instruction manual for breathing, eating, or thinking – all functions that should happen out-of-the-box, as part of being human.

The reason why humans relinquished their freedom is a story for a different day. Truth is, most Westerners – and a large part of the world – are not free any more. That's billions of people.

Indeed, the market for freedom is quite lucrative!

It is my privilege to share everything I've learned with you. With your support I can continue sharing insights you won't find anywhere else.

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