Nga is also a city with a lot of potentials in terms of tourism, as well as a city with a railway that will pass through, which will facilitate tourists to visit the river, so identify five major projects to accommodate tourism in the near future. 

According to the local news, the Department of Information, Culture, and Tourism of Oudomxay Province, especially the tourism sector, has joined with the district to survey and plan the development of five tourist attractions in Nga Chan district to make it a natural tourism district and ethnic cultural life along the river. 

 It is linked to promoting culture and customs of the ethnic groups in the city including the exploration and development provided sweeps across home before pitching a tourist natural underlying way of life of Khmu (district), exit tea 1000 years, mountains and surveys facility Hotel Unique (provincial) conservation of aquatic wildlife Environmental Nam Nga 2 to become tourist Fisheries (district). 

Explore natural tea tours related to the villagers' way of life and boat tours, rafting tours at the Nam Nga Dam (district level), build 1,000 coconut trees in the park, plant unique flowers according to the district's wishes, such as rice fields, rice fields.

These projects are the development plan of the Department of Public Works and Districts in the years 2021-2025. At present, some tourist attractions have been partially developed, especially the Millennium Tea Forest, the conservation of aquatic wildlife, waterfalls, hydropower dams, and so on.

Does Laos ready to open the country? 

Laos is now open to many countries around the world, as well as neighboring countries, including our own according to the speech of Dr. Rattanaxay Phetsuvanh, Head of the Department of Communicable Disease Control, Ministry of Health.

Many countries with immunization rates above 70-90% are just starting to open up the country, but with certain conditions that immigrants will have to strictly abide by, such as testing for a virus within 72 hours, a complete vaccination, a clear roadmap of entry. 

Many scholars are raising the current issue of "coexistence with disease 19", which today I will explain how we can live safely. also, how do we prepare for the opening up of our country? 

For Laos, what are the preparations? Currently, the national injection rate is 3.476,846 for the first injection (47.38% coverage) and 2,936,022 for the recommended dose (40.01% coverage). A closer look at each target group reveals that the vaccination rate in the medical group is 70%; Only 60% of the elderly and 86.5% of the population are chronically ill, and in each province, only two provinces have reached more than 50%, namely Vientiane Capital and Bokeo! 

Therefore, if we want to open a country, it is necessary to accelerate the vaccination to achieve the 70% target, and public service facilities must have good preventive measures such as temperature filters, hand washing gel, everyone must install the Lao app, everyone who works in the field of service must be 100% safe. 

Everyone must be vigilant in self-defense, as has been done in the past, and the opening is both done and lessons learned step by step to adapt the measures to the actual situation.

By Hengmaha