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[Please note that Instaudio is shutting down]
Old story:
Hi and welcome. If you're here you've probably used Instaudio. Though I haven't spent anything on advertising, traffic has grown steadily over the years, as has the hosting bill. I've set up this page so that those who'd like to help chip in can make it a bit easier to cover these costs and keep Instaudio available.

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2 Mello bought 5 coffees.

I've been using your service to share drafts with clients and recreational posting, and I think it's the best of its kind by FAR. Thank you!

Liz bought 5 coffees.

Thank you for creating and keeping going. The  simplicity and range of functions are just perfect! Enjoy the coffee :-)

Thank you!

Ciphernaut bought 5 coffees.

I upload a file here a while back,a few years later when I couldn't find it anywhere else online I found it there.Best moment of my life..

Thank you!

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Eric bought a coffee.

Thanks for this tool. Simple and fast way to share rough mixes and works in progress.