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Over 1 million children had to leave Ukraine and move to Poland because of the Russian invasion. They happened to be far away from their native cities in the foreign country without even basic language knowledge. That's why now there is an urgent need for assistance in integrating onto the new environment. And we at IntegratEd want to help Ukrainian youth cope with that. 

IntegratEd is a non-profit initiative helping Ukrainian youth learn Polish for free and integrate faster into a new country. We organize free learning sessions by matching them with vetted language tutors & mentors.

Since the middle of March, we've got 600 applications from kids & teens. Some of them have already started learning sessions in groups. Current sessions are hosted by volunteer tutors & mentors. 

To scale the process and match the demand, we need to have more mentors & tutors. One tutoring session costs between $10-15, which is the cost of 2-3 couples of coffee. But for this project, this is an invaluable contribution.

Your donations will help us hire more language tutors and support the team running this project. Thus, you will help Ukrainian mentors who left their houses, families, and jobs because of the war to earn some money in Poland, and at the same time, you will help children and teenagers from Ukraine learn Polish faster and integrate into social life more quickly.

Your support does matter!

Donate to IntegratEd and help internally displaced Ukrainians overcome the language barrier and get settled.