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Hi 👋, I'm Mark Allen Evans AKA INTERCHAINED

Full Stack Developer / Blockchain Developer

Hey 👋 I am Mark Allen Evans, AKA Interchained. Certified Full Stack Developer. Support my blockchain research. Electronero Network projects future development will benefit directly from your donations today through BuyMeACoffee, have a look at my membership options where you can take advantage of bonus coins if you join monthly/annual I will send you coins/tokens with each donation! You may also donate through the Cryptocurrency donation addresses at the bottom of this letter.

Thank you for your support over the years. Have a blessed day!

Electronero Network is a 100% community driven endeavor. To promote community efforts the easiest thing you can do is support the project financially. Electronero donations can be made to the official donation addresses. The funding goes to our developers, and volunteers who contribute, they are grateful for our donations!

- 🔭 I’m currently working on Electronero 2.0: Interchained XSC & Electronero Smart Chain (

- 🌱 I’m currently learning GO, Flutter, Dart, Rust

- 👯 I’m looking for others to collaborate with me on: Electronero Network (

- I’m building Layer2 & Mobile/Web DeFi solutions: SideChained AIO Bridge (

- 👨💻 All of my projects are available at my official Github profile (

- 👨💻 All of Electronero Network projects are available at Electronero Network official Github profile (

- 📝 I regularly chat on Telegram (

-💬 Ask me about: Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Monero, Electronero, Cryptonote, Trading Bots, API and/or Database construction, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, LESS, EJS, Handlebars, Nunjucks, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, MySql, Redis, Debian, Mac, Windows, Android, iOs

- 📫 How to reach me: Telegram is the absolute easiest, and fastest way to reach me. Email: [email protected]

Donate to the Listing Fund to Get Rewarded in bonus EI-2.0 xAssets XRC20 tokens such as xUSDT pegged 1:1 to USDT and/or xETNX pegged 1:1 to ETNX.

xUSDt are EI-2.0 xAssets XRC20 tokens pegged 1:1 to actual USDT. Electronero Smart Chain begins main net operations 09/09/2021. xAssets such as xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, and xUSDT will be deployed on Electronero Smart Chain by 10/30/2021. To claim free bonus xUSDt EI-2.0 XRC20 tokens for your generous donations simply message @interchained or message _electronero on Twitter ( the following proof of spend to track your donation:

• coin symbol

• amount of coins donated

• transaction ID

• screenshot of withdrawal from your wallet

Donation Addresses:

BSC & BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain: 0xC925F19cb5f22F936524D2E8b17332a6f4338751

WBNB: 0xC925F19cb5f22F936524D2E8b17332a6f4338751

BabyDoge: 0xC925F19cb5f22F936524D2E8b17332a6f4338751

BNB & BEP2 tokens on Binance Chain: bnb1ldmu9hm2mm0jwrzpuekyxektdnxpp2046szfp2

USDt (BEP2): bnb1ldmu9hm2mm0jwrzpuekyxektdnxpp2046szfp2

BUSD (BEP2): bnb1ldmu9hm2mm0jwrzpuekyxektdnxpp2046szfp2

Monero: 85PTaJNpkEEeJao2MNk1sRWTQXLUf1FGjZew8oR8R4cRUrXxFrTexa9GwrjmJD4Pyx6UrjgMQnuMoFNmaBKqxs7PPXVe9oX

Bitcoin: 38jiBKevQHp8zhQpZ42bTvK4QpzzqWkA3K

Ethereum: 0x59d26980a1cdd75e1c3af516b912a6233aa2f5e4

ERC-20 tokens: 0x59d26980a1cdd75e1c3af516b912a6233aa2f5e4

USDT (erc20): 0x59d26980a1cdd75e1c3af516b912a6233aa2f5e4

TrueUSD: 0x59d26980a1cdd75e1c3af516b912a6233aa2f5e4

USDCoin: 0x59d26980a1cdd75e1c3af516b912a6233aa2f5e4

ZCash: t1Kmnv9eDqw7VyDWmzSUbjBPrxoY7hMuUCc

Liquid: VJL9H2mk4tKBRgSkTNkSrFGQABiNxUs1UPbm4rHCsE8vF87kSJgSo8AQfGDt54nC59tEtb2W47GsMrw2

Electronero: etnkHfFuanNeTe3q9dux4d9cRiLkUR4hDffvhfTp6nbhEJ5R8TY4vdyZjT4BtWxnvSJ5nfD64eCAQfKMJHSym2dj8PQqeiKmBM

Electroneum: etnkHfFuanNeTe3q9dux4d9cRiLkUR4hDffvhfTp6nbhEJ5R8TY4vdyZjT4BtWxnvSJ5nfD64eCAQfKMJHSym2dj8PQqeiKmBM

Dogecoin: DTTez7ggKPzDcKuUUTns8VzMrKesZUKMCk

Litecoin: MAtV7sbBnmuf2bxVUPgCprpmJ5xX6euBwe

Sumokoin: Sumoo47CGenbHfZtpCVV4PRMSsXP38idFdt5JSj7VuJrD1nABoPHTBHgR6owQJfn1JU8BiWWohw4oiefGEjAn4GmbFYYtCcfPeT

Cardano ADA: DdzFFzCqrhspgQJTD1r81KsmXjzySdu4Zb4pJf7iLxkcVKvoRLoVHss9f2147QTRCRkQAFjWwHdr77Snn3efEo9ne4YzM5UCwwnMGR15