CrystalID is online. Launch of Electronero 2.0 is scheduled for 09/09/2021. Webnero is almost done with the massive overhaul from the Oracle updates, launch of Electronero 2.0, integrations of SideChained AIO Bridge, and preparation for the CRFI swaps.. Sorry for any delay our development to Webnero has caused. Webnero has been in beta meaning some delay was to be expected. Nonetheless this has been a lot of work to say the least.. Moving forward we are pushing Webnero to production, and so I've separated beta from production environment. So we won't have to endure such a delay in the future! Electroneum holders will be able to claim various Electronero EI-1.0 assets, shares of XSC, and EI-2.0 xAssets as XRC20 tokens. There will be a special release of xETN and xXMR which will represent ETN and XMR swaps. Thank you for your patience and support. This has been a great experience. I'm delighted to share the future of Electronero with you all. Over 5+ research and development has taught us what we need to take Electronero Network to the future. Electronero 2.0 is nearly complete. Deployments have began. Main net operations begin 09/09/2021.