Electronero 2.0 main net operations are being deployed. Electronero 1.0 operations will run parallel with Electronero 2.0 operations. Electronero Smart Chain is a public Blockchain ecosystem. Offering public and private solutions to the community.

Electronero Smart Chain is a whole new Electronero 2.0(EI-2.0) ecosystem, with its own coin & interchained tokens on other platforms. Electronero Smart Chain features deploy/track/transact public XRC20 tokens, trade EI-1.0 legacy Cryptonote and affiliated Cryptonote coins, EI-2.0 xAssets and XRC-20 tokens, $XSC and other affiliated networks coins/tokens on ElectroneroDEX, deploy/track public smart contracts, easily interact with coins/tokens on multiple blockchains with interchained integrations on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Electronero, Electroneum, Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin and more through SideChained AIO bridge.

Electronero 1.0 (EI-1.0) legacy Cryptonote assets are represented on Electronero Smart Chain as XRC20 xAssets such as xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, xETN, xXMR. List, swap, and trade xASSETS/XRC-20 tokens at Electronero Network DEX's, and various CEX listings paired with coins/tokens of assets on Electronero 1.0, Electronero Smart Chain $XSC and other xAssets, or any COSMOS, BNB/BEP20, ETH/ERC20, BTC, LTC, USDT.

Tokenized ERC-20, BEP-20, COSMOS and other token forms are being deployed as we speak representing Electronero Smart Chain $XSC on various networks.

No public blockchain contracts are approved at this moment by Electronero core development team. Electronero 2.0 deployment is nearly complete. Track status on Electronero.org

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EI-1.0 legacy Cryptonote assets will be carried over to EI-2.0 Electronero Smart Chain as xAssets deployed as XRC20. There will be airdrops of xAssets and distributions of XSC tokens at various rates by October 2021.

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EI-1.0 xAssets as XRC20 tokens on EI-2.0 Electronero Smart Chain:








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