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When it comes to preparing for coding interviews, it can never feel like you’re doing enough. 

You get all the resources you can afford, whether that’s leetcode, Cracking the Coding Interview (CTCI) by Gayle McDowll, and some other ones you’ll probably never use. And you study as hard as possible for months.

It’s overwhelming to go through all the material, and then when it comes to the actual interview you can’t demonstrate the knowledge you have appropriately.

It’s frustrating getting that rejection realizing you have to review all the material again to prepare for your next interview. 

However, this isn’t the right way in approaching coding interviews, especially after a failed one. Even though the internet might keep telling you to practice more and more, there is actually one component that is missing when practicing for interviews.

And that missing component is having the correct process.

When you have the correct process, you are demonstrating your knowledge in a way that can build trust in your interviews that you can solve problems that come your way. Even if you don’t find the optimal solution, demonstrating the correct process can help you pass interviews and show off your problem-solving skills. In fact, using the correct process can allow you to use hints effectively when you have a generous interviewer. A lot of times having the correct approach is more important than relying on luck for an answer.

If you go online and watch videos of FANG employees answering interview questions, the one thing that is consistent is their process.

They find the optimal solution within 30 or 45 minutes effortlessly.

Yet, when people are relentlessly studying, they either ignore the process and their timing which leads to spending too much time on a problem. Or they skim the answers and not give themselves the time to understand the solutions to utilize it in future questions.

The latter you can fix easily, but the former is a little harder to accomplish.

You need to be able to use the correct process in a timely manner when solving problems. You have to demonstrate your correct process into four stages: Understanding the Question, Formulating an Algorithm, Code a Solution, and Review & Time Analysis. Having this consistent approach to all coding questions will show the interviewer you have the correct decision-making process. The more you are conscious of these stages, the better you will be at solving problems, and the easier it will be passing your interviews in a timely fashion.

That’s why we created the free Interview Timer, to help you be more conscious of the correct process when solving problems and keep track of the time you are spending in each step of that process.

The more times you use this, the more you will be able to practice more efficiently, and the more times you will be able to capture the interview experience. You will also be able to identify more accurately your areas of improvement. Like taking too long in one stage such as formulating the optimal algorithm or coding the solution; or perhaps your comprehension skills while reading the question. 

There is so much to cover when studying for your interviews. But it wouldn’t make sense to neglect the correct process that is so integral for your interviews.

You have all the material, you put in months of preparations. You have a strong foundation built, so don’t let those failed interviews deter you.

Focus on your consistent approach to solve questions correctly and faster.

You are a lot closer to passing your FANG interviews than you think.

Plus, it doesn’t make sense to spend more time and money on other resources after a failed interview. You don’t need to put extra effort on problems, you need to put more effort in using the correct process in a timely manner.

So let your competitors keep hitting their heads trying to study harder, while you’re studying more effectively.

So come and try our free Interview Timer and start your journey to a successful career in tech. 

And if you do find this tool helpful, please consider buying us a coffee. We are here to support the tech community where other resources fail. We want to be able to create more tools that help refine everyone in preparing for their interviews. Your support is greatly appreciated.