Buy In the Fire of Dancing Stillness a bag of apples


Hi everyone

I will be showing the film In the Fire of Dancing Stillness - A contemplation with Vimala Thakar from Beginning of June 2020 online in a virtual cinema as I would like as many of you to see the film soon and not having to wait until the uncertainty of Corona Virus is not around anymore as it will be probably hanging around us for a while.  For this, this platform here is a way to be supported for outstanding production costs and for the expenses of paying online platforms and preparing the evenings with care so that you can feel comfortable while watching the film and asking questions afterwards.

The online viewings will not replace public viewings in real cinemas and universities all over the world. But I will do that when the time is right. You can also contact me, if you would like to do an online film showing or an offline one in the future. I look forward to hear from you and thank you for your generous support. Please also look out on the website for upcoming seminars to go with the film showings. Thank you!