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Great to see that you've made it here. It probably means you found the podcast episode interesting and valuable enough to click on the link and are considering sponsoring the Inthrivert podcast :)

Let me tell you a bit about me. 

Like many introverts I grew up without knowing anything about introversion and extroversion. What I did know was that my behaviour was often different from many others. I enjoyed wandering around outside on my own for hours or spending hours alone in my room reading and building scale models. The desire to be alone has been a strong theme throughout my life and it is still something that has a strong influence on my choices.

As a coach I aim to serve clients who are introverted and help them work towards achieving their goals and improve themselves. Sometimes that starts with getting them to accept their introverted nature and to see it as a source of strength instead of something debilitating. 

Knowing there are so many introverts out there who are struggling and are looking for some guidance, someone to relate to, and someone who understands them, I started the Inthrivert podcast to serve my fellow introverts as best I can. 

If you have found the podcast valuable and would like to offer some support, that would be highly appreciated and will help me to continue providing quality podcast episodes for you and all the other introverts out there. 

In any case, I'm very grateful for you listening to the podcast and I sincerely hope it has been of value to you.


Lots of love and good vibes from my side.


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