Buy intimacymatters a coffee


Hey 👋 I just created a page here and you can now buy a charity coffee. Meaning 100% goes towards a fund to pay for treatments for those that can't afford to see me.

Everyone should be able to visit the Sex & Relationship Engineer!

Hi my name is Colin at Intimacy Matters and I work as a somatic and psychological sexuality educator, practitioner and general problem solver in the world of human intimacy. Fundamentally, I help people transform their relationships and sex lives to become what they want and deserve.

However, I often receive enquiries from people who need my help but can't afford to see me. For some I am able to give special rates but I am limited to how many I can help on this basis. Buy me a coffee gives YOU the opportunity to donate to help OTHERS who need help with their relationship of sexuality situation but can not afford it.

As much as I love coffee I feel putting your donation to this use is much better. Please give generously but even one coffee can start to make the difference for someones sexual self-confidence. 

For every £100 donated I will match with £100 to give a treatment worth £200 to someone who needs help.

I will publish info on how many benefit from this donations. 

Many thanks