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Welcome Into The Night!

Hello? Hello, Hello! This is Nick Black, the host of the Five Nights at Freddy's podcast: Into the Night!  Previously, I had been the host of the Casual Expert podcast, but now I'm currently creating content for one of my favorite game franchises. If you enjoy analyzing deep storytelling or enhancing the stories you already love. That is everything my podcast is about! Deep fiction diving and immersive audio narratives await! I hope you enjoy!

Narrative Lore Discussions and Analysis!


Five Night’s at Freddy’s has amassed a notorious reputation for it’s complex and intricate lore. In one of the truest definitions of interactive-art, FNaF can be interpreted and analyzed in numerous ways and requires a community to interact and discuss the content to fully appreciate the work presented. Every episode of Into The Night is highly-edited and its script is written to give the audience as an immersive experience as possible. With the majority of the audio and sound effects and character and environment descriptions inspired by the books and games, the series is based on!

The Host with The Most!


Nick has been a fan of the series since late 2014, with the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, and has followed the series closely as a massive fan. Highly active on the sub-reddit, and has even published a completed work of analyzing the Original series (FNaF 1- Ultimate Custom Night) characters; interpreting the deeper meaning and complexities of the Scott Cawthon era characters. In truth, Nick has a large amount of respect for Scott Cawthon and what he has been able to accomplish with his series.

Truth be told, Nick has only one desire; to create content that makes peoples day! Being able to create stories or experiences that people can enjoy is the quickest way to put a smile on his face, and he really hopes you will all enjoy the show!


If you would like to support the podcast, you can now buy me a pizza (or coffee)!