Hello everyone, it's Nick again with another update for the show! Various things are currently in the work, especially now! Let me tell you I have not been motivated like this in a long time... well, I mean... I have been motivated, but it usually has resulted in a long burnout.

So before we get into it I'd like to once again thank all of you for your support! We have just hit over 70k downloads, less than a week after Episode 8 - Please Stay In Your Seats was uploaded! Thank you all so much for that, we have never had such a large reaction as we have had with last week's episode, and it just puts such a big smile on my face to hear that people are enjoying the show! Sincerely, thank you all!

Please Standby - Youtube Channel Update?

For those of you who are unaware, we do have a YouTube channel for the show. Not that it would matter too much, as up until recently, only Episode 1 - 3 were live on that channel. The original intention was that the channel would host episodes about two weeks to about a month after it was uploaded to our other directories. But it's been months and none of our latest episodes have been uploaded. So what gives?

Well, the answer is effort. With the addition of YouTube adding a visual medium to our show, I personally wasn't that satisfied with just uploading the podcast as is. Even the original three episodes are just a simple animation of Endo-03 turning on, in a smokey room, followed by the title of the episode slowly fading in. It wasn't anything special and that bothered me somewhat, I wanted more to be done, and more to justify this being a video upload. Otherwise, I felt it was no different than uploading the entire episode as an mp3. file, might as well just make it a black background if so little effort was going to place in it.

Recently, we have just uploaded Episode 4 - Tomorrow is Another Day, complete with Jackson Goyette's full artwork for the thumbnail! While the episode wasn't fully up to my usual high standards, I was convinced by my friend Eli (who was my co-host on the now-retired Casual Expert Podcast, and also peer-reviews my scripts) to upload it. The episode does contain some tricks that I wanted to be implemented but wasn't fully what I wanted, I was hoping for more visual effects and distortion to be applied to the screen and Endo-03 during the Nightmare and Mini-game cutscene transitions. Additionally, I was hoping to have the gameplay to the right of Endo-03 to better signify the visuals. Hopefully, more of those techniques can be implemented in later episodes.

Behind the Scenes? - Episode 8 Commentary/Retrospective

A small minor project that I wanted to do to help get out of any creative funk I might stumble across during the creation of Episode 9 was to do a small behind-the-scenes video for all of you. I'm not sure if any of you will be interested in learning more about how an episode gets written, how we edit it, or any of the other more technical details that go behind it. But I do hope it will tide you all over until the next episode gets released.

If you have any questions or details you would like me to go over, be sure to leave a comment and ask me about it. I'll be sure to shout you out and get it answered!

That's Great and All, Nick Black, the host of Into the Night: A FNaF Podcast, an Audio only radio show based on the franchise owned by Scott Cawthon and Developed by Steel Wool.

But When the Hell will Episode 9 be released?

The answer is soon! I have always held the requirement that one episode has to be released a month, and I am trying my best to get this episode done by next week. Truthfully, there is a chance that the deadline will have to be pushed back, but I can guarantee you that I will be getting some more great content out to you all soon!

For those of you who didn't participate, there was a poll done on our official Twitter that gave everyone who listened the ability to vote on what the next episode will be about. The answer was overwhelming support for Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator (FNaF 6) to be covered, and I am super excited to finish the Afton Family Arc for you guys. I know Jackson is excited to and is already working on the episode thumbnail.

That is all for this update! Thank you so much for your support and I can't wait to talk with you all again soon!

Have a Good Night!

  • Nick Black