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Read your PDFs comfortably at night by inverting the colours and giving your documents a sleek, white-on-black aesthetic.

I'm an avid fan of using my computer in "dark mode"; putting my computer into darker tones at night-time to make it a bit easier on the eyes and to improve sleep. I'm also an avid fan of reading over my notes or books way later than I should be, in PDF format. Unfortunately, very few PDF readers offer any sort of support for dark-mode or inverted-colour reading, so I decided to build a script that inverts my PDF files for me. I've had so many people comment on how envious they are of my sleek white-on-black PDFs that I decided to build a website out of it! But website hosting isn't free, and building and maintaining this thing takes up a lot of my spare time, so I figured I'd throw out a donate feature in case anyone wants to help support my running expenses.


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