FATHER GOD, help us to do all things without murmurings and complaining, so we can live blameless lives, without rebuke, in this crooked and perverse world. In YOU we live move and have our being. Thank YOU for allowing us into another day. We speak victory and success over our health, finances, marriages, careers, and relationships with YOU. We believe that all things are possible, with YOU on our side. Help us to feel YOUR Presence, even more than ever before, so we can accomplish YOUR Will, for our lives. Help us to be a blessing to many nations Spiritually and financially. We are happy that there is still a purpose and plan for us on this day YOU, have made, help us to rejoice and be glad in it. Help us to meditate on whatever is true, noble, right, whatever is pure, lovely, admirable, anything that is excellent or praiseworthy, so our thoughts can be established. Help us to be so sensitive to YOUR Voice, so any evil or wicked voice is unrecognizable, we want to clearly hear YOUR Direction in every area. Guide, correct, and bless us in every area. Help us to live our lives, using our actions and words to lead others to YOU. Thank YOU, for meeting our needs, and for keeping us and our loved ones, from things and situations that could cause us hurt, harm or danger. All is open before YOU, and YOU know us better than we know ourselves. YOU are in every meeting, text message, and conversation and YOU also care about every area of our lives.YOU are Awesome, and YOU have all The Power to perform unimaginable, endless wonders and miracles in our lives. Thank YOU, now and in advance, for never leaving or forsaking us, in and through all things. We thank YOU for blessing us with life, our needs provided for, and in our right minds. We thank YOU for being available to us at all times, keeping us healthy and strong to accomplish YOUR Will throughout the day. YOU are The ALMIGHTY GOD with all Power, YOU laid the foundations of the earth in the beginning and the heavens are the work of YOUR Hands. They will perish, but YOU will remain, they will change but YOU are the same. We are thankful for all that YOU have planned for us. We don't know what the day will bring, but we ask for the strength to face it and we surrender ourselves to YOU. Thank YOU for setting us up for success, praise reports, and good testimonies, we trust in YOU, to work all things out for our good. Give us the wisdom to discern what is good for us and what is not, and let our choices be according to YOUR Will. We thank YOU for YOUR Unconditional Love toward each of us. We thank YOU, for the vision in our eyes, ears that can hear, functional body parts, and everything else, that YOU do for us day by day, that we sometimes take for granted. Despite our shortcomings, YOU keep surrounding our lives with YOUR unmerited Blessings, favor, love, healing, abundance, grace, and divine protection. YOU not only provide our needs but sometimes YOU, give us much more than we ask for, so we can be a blessing to others. We come unto YOU, as YOUR Children, to thank YOU for everything YOU have done for us. YOU have given us this precious gift of life, and we praise YOU and worship YOU because YOU are Everything to us. We cannot do anything, without YOU and we cannot make it without YOU. Thank YOU for the overflow of Blessings YOU have bestowed upon us, our loved ones, family, and friends, daily. Please forgive us of our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness, as we forgive, and seek deliverance, repentance, and Salvation, for those who sin against us. Help us to let go of anything or anyone, that could corrupt our actions or words. Clearly show us YOUR Will, for our time, talents, finances, and resources. Create in us clean hearts. Reconcile families, and heal those who need to be healed. Deliver the addicted, depressed, oppressed, and abused. Bring Repentance and Salvation to those who are bound by sin. Invade our conditions, situations, and circumstances, as we study and obey YOUR Word💒, which can Save our souls. We plead The Blood of JESUS, over every area of our and our loved ones. We want to hear YOU say, "Well done," not "Depart from ME" when our time on earth is over. We want to experience all of YOUR Many Benefits 2 Timothy 3:16-17🙏 Heal our World, FATHER GOD🌎 2 Chronicles 7:14


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