Buy inviscab a drink


Hello darlings,

Thanks for stopping by. We are a group of performers working to #StripAwayStigma surrounding mental health.

If you've enjoyed anything that we've put out online (our Instagram, YouTube, podcast, etc.) and you'd like to virtually doff your cap, we'd be delighted if you bought us a drink ❤️ After all, we are performers fuelled by praise and cocktails, so that would be a lovely encouragement.

Realistically, the money will go in our 'kitty' (meow 😼) towards costumes, rehearsal spaces, and making more shows! If you'd like to support our work more consistently, we have a Patreon where you can donate a couple of quid a month to keep us afloat. Either way, we are so grateful for your support and encouragement. THANK YOU.

Glittery kisses,

Ferrero Rochelle, Rosie Verbose

and the Invisible Cabaret troupe