Buy iodineprox a hot coffee


Hey everyone! As we all know Garry's Mod is an amazing sandbox game that really extend your creative ability. The "DarkRP" gamemode is one the best gamemodes to play on Garrys Mod. However, these days. All DarkRP Maps are all based off of the "downtown" maps and are pretty small and not very exciting.

Therefor, we are pushing our limits to the top to bring the community one of the biggest and best DarkRP maps out there. I say "we" because there is a lot of design and development going into this map from a lot of people. Just to bring everyone the best there is to experience from a real DarkRP situation for all servers.

Make sure to keep up to date with all of our posts/livestreams/videos and a lot of adventures to come through! If you're kind enough to buy us a coffee, we can get this map done and out faster then we expected! :D