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I'm Isa (@teachingbirds), a rather new developer who nurture a fascination for all things smart home, and Home Assistant in particular.

You probably found me through my Github repo, which I spend a lot of time on keeping updated to inspire and help! I'm also trying to help with Lovelace development and making new components for Hass.

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For helping spread progressive messages throughout the tech community. Hope to thank you in person at next HA conference! Enjoy your holidays!

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Amazing setup - thank you so much!!!

John S.
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Very Impressive setup

Tommy N
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Precis börjat med HA och lärt mig massor från din setup! Tack!

Tack så hemskt mycket! Glad att jag kunnat hjälpa till.

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Thank you for the nice Grocy Chores Card! Happy holidays!

Thank you so much!