October Money Affirmation

October Money Affirmation

Oct 21, 2022

"Money is my friend and we are the same energy".

One reason many of us fail badly with our 'money management' is that we do not see money as being just anther energy. Some of us place a greater importance on money as in it has a greater energy than us, we find it hard to let go off and end up not enjoying our money.

In the same sense, some make it of lesser importance. We see money as a lesser energy than ourselves. This often looks like someone who continues to end up in debt, money burns a hole in their pocket and really means very little. Until there is none left!!

The trick is to see money of equal energy. What this looks like is money is our friend, it flows to us from different places, easily, it pays our bills, it gives us fun and we respect that like any friend, it can run low so we don't abuse it by going into debt.

Practice your Money Attraction Affirmation. Each day, repeat your Money Attraction Affirmations to keep you on track. Trusting yourself is what you need to stay the course when you hit some bumps in the road. If you believe it, you can achieve it.

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