My Aunt Bella was a whole 40 years of age when she embraced the whole idea of emigration to the United States in the early 1950s. Her story's a remarkable one, which I'm sure I'll share on the podcast some day soon. It seems your never too late to become part of the great Irish Diaspora. The history of this island is littered with the effects of mass emigration, from as early as the 6th and 7th century, when Catholic monks and missionaries spread the gospel and help maintain civilization in this Western world. Since then the numbers have been much larger, most notably in the hundreds of thousands in the mid to late 1840s. Calculations suggest numbers between 30 to as many as 70 million people claim connection this small island at the end of Europe. This podcast Irish Voices Conversations with the irish Diaspora attempts to ring you the stories of just some of those wandering tribal members. By subscribing with a coffee, you offer the chance to reach a wider audience and to maintain high standards of audio and content quality. Cheers, though mine's really a cup of Barry's Tea, thank you!