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this is irlane saint-cyr. i am creator on youtube with two channels. my main channel is irlane saint-cyr, and my second channel is eggtopia

i am most known for the content i create on eggtopia, which is subliminals + manifestation content. i also share vlogs of my personal life, dancing, and really just anything else i decide to share with the internet.

feel no pressure at all, but i made this for those who ask how they can support me and my channels in an extra way. i appreciate all of you so much.

— irlane saint-cyr

venusinscorpihoe bought 7 coffees.

your subliminals have literally CHANGED my life so much not even joking. PLEASE BUY A WHOLE CRATE OF COFFEE ON ME!! LOVE YOU.

thank you so so muchh! this is so sweet n generous <3

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yes i’m back again, but i’ll be gone for a while since i have barely anything left 

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i got birthday money so here's two more coffees 😏 and am i really the only one here wow

stop sending me so much money LMAO! i appreciate it, but i didn't think anyone would repeatedly send this much haha

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i said £10 didn't i so i'm back, but i can't afford £10 so you'll have to take $10 instead 

Intricate bought a coffee.

this is more expensive than i thought 😩 😩