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Hi 👋

My name is Adam and in my spare time I run a new music blog with the aim of sharing stuff that deserves to be heard, as well as publishing in-depth conversations with musicians whose work I admire. I'm part of a (largely unsuccessful) band myself so I understand from first-hand experience that there are a lot of blogs out there that just don't put the effort in. What's worse is that they often charge a ridiculous up-front fee to spell your name wrong, copy-and-paste your press release, and call it a review. That's not what this blog is about. If I write about something, it's because I genuinely think it's worth talking about.

As a band, on the very rare occasions that we've had somebody really engage with our work and write intelligently about it, it's really meant a lot. There's a lot of noise out there and a lot of people churning out copy that means nothing, so this blog is kind of my one man stand against that. I spend most of my time caring for my son at the moment - so it's difficult to be as musically proactive as I was before - and I've found that writing about cool artists I discover is a rewarding way of spending what little free time I have. Not that I have much.

So, if I've written something about you or about your band, it's not because I want money. It's because I really like what you're doing. If you want to support me though, then that's really kind of you and I'll happily take a coffee... but it's totally your call. No pressure!