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Created a website to help individuals find food banks.

Hey 👋, I'm Sebastian and I created

I'm a recent senior in High school and thought it would be nice if I could help people struggling from the corona-virus pandemic.  Through these harsh times, it's hard for financially deprived individuals to find food. So I created a website to locate food banks near them.

Thanks for checking it out!

Contact - [email protected] for feedback.

Marilyn Gamester
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Thank you for your compassion.  I’m forwarding this app to my friends in Oregon.  Much gratitude. 

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Great job Sebastian! If I volunteered at a food bank, how would I submit the address and times we are open?

Hi Chris, thank you for the support. But, I don't have a system just for that, I do however get my data from multiple databases and that's how I get the address and times that's are open. Again thank you for your support. 

Ellice J
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Sebastian you are such a blessing to so many people.  It really hurts to be hungry.

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You rock Sebastian! Keep up the good work <3