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I'm a Java, HTML, PHP, CSS,
JavaScript, C# and Rust Developer (ordered by my proficiency in them: Java is my best, Rust my worst proficiency atm). I also work with MySQL-like Databases (like MariaDB). I somewhat suck at designing UIs ...

My current Projects involve:

- Creating and Maintaining the Website of the Uni eSports Dortmund Group. Mainly the backend and rough front-end. The design is made by someone else. 

- Creating and Maintaining the Website of Iskariot Gaming (German Gaming Clan) of which I am the technical Lead. That website is also my personal Website. 

- I also provide the Servers and administrate them for Iskariot Gaming and (atm) also the Uni eSports Dortmund Group. 

- I also am helping in managing the TrackMania 100K Project and providing Server-Space for it. (currently lead by
- The specific Services I maintain are:
-> Apache 2
-> Factorio
-> Gitea
-> MariaDB
-> Minecraft (several small Vanilla, Bungeecord and modded Servers)
-> Nextcloud
-> TeamSpeak 3
-> Terraria


My current Goals:

- finish up the backend for the UED Website
- increase my proficiency in Rust

PS: It kindof sucks, that the formatting of "My Page" keeps getting borked! Latest issue: Linebreaks went missing!
Previous issues in reverse order of occurence:
- Linebreaks went missing
- Bulletlists don't work