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Hello there,
I am a 32-year-old Full Stack Developer from Germany, currently living in Leipzig. I love everything that tangents computers and software development, especially web development.
I have accumulated over 10 years of experience within the "software development scene", worked for various companies and besides that, I freelance. I am open for new challenges and programming languages, and wouldn’t mind moving abroad for an interesting enough project. I enjoy working with professionals who share the same love and passion for IT and software programming I have.
Through reading IT books and magazines and autodidactic studies, I constantly broaden my horizon with current expert knowledge and modern technical skills, which I not only use in my daily work and personal projects, but also I blog about and teach to other people. Applying these skills, I could also help your company.

As a Full Stack Software Engineer I have mastered a number of interrelated software components, which together form a platform - a server-client-architecture, split into browser, server, and database.
Also, I love working with clients during the planning phase of projects - agile software development is a fundamental principle in my workflow.
Through autodidactic studies and reading foundational IT books I continuously acquire further knowledge about methods for implementations and architecture design. In no way am I averse to new components or programming languages.