Dec 29, 2022

4 Ways to Create a Kubernetes Cluster for Local Use

Sep 14, 2022

High-level Introduction: DevOps

DevOps is a solution enabling #security, #reliability, and #agility. It comes into play when somebody talks about security breaches, time to market, and massive technology transformation. #ttmTo get an inspiration of #DevOps in general, I have published an article on Medium. Just check it... more

Aug 30, 2022

High-level Introduction to K3s: A Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution

Nowadays, running #Kubernetes environments locally is necessary and important for us as developers. They help us validate our application’s #cloud compatibility. They let us run integration tests to check their reliability and interactions with other services. They are an excellent tool for our education. And using them we can evaluate specific technologies in a cluster... more

Aug 16, 2022

Continuous Delivery: Release Patterns

To decouple #deployments from our releases that are driven by our marketing launching date, we can use certain release patterns. We avoid setting up deployments for Friday nights or weekends in order to reduce the risk of negative impacts on customers.Continuous Delivery allows for deployments during normal business hours by using environment-based #release patterns and application-based release patterns.For this I just published "Continuous Delivery: Release Patterns" on... more

Aug 09, 2022

How To Log NestJS Applications in a Distributed System — Part 1: winston

Nowadays it is important to log your applications for better #monitoring, #debugging and #failure handling (for example, in a #kubernetes cluster), and to ensure centralized logging for a better overview of a distributed system.There are numerous applications and frameworks that make this possible. But in this series I want to focus on #NestJS, winston, and the Loki Stack combined with Grafana. #devopsCheck out my new article on... more

Aug 02, 2022

CI/CD: Catch Errors As Early as Possible in Various Test Stages in Our Deployment Pipeline

Automated tests should be used by every #developer in our daily work. For this I just published "CI/CD: Catch Errors As Early as Possible in Various Test Stages in Our Deployment Pipelines" on Medium.... more

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