Old clunker for a more efficient vehicle

Old clunker for a more efficient vehicle

Mar 15, 2022

Stay tuned for part two in this series, where we offer a valuable overview of polyurethane spray foam insulation. We will explore the two major kinds of spray foam, the pros and cons of each, as well as touching on the importance of continual research on building technology.

Spray Foam Direct.com features quick and easy do-it-yourself polyurethane foam insulation which will save you money and energy. Guardian Energy Technologies Inc. offers the added benefits of reducing our carbon footprint by offering foam it green solutions and balancing their impact through carbon reproduction projects. Visit online today.






When it is time to trade in the old clunker for a more efficient vehicle, research is in order. Most people with a modicum of intelligence refer to Consumer Reports, consult friends, family or colleagues, and of course kick a few tires. Even if the mechanical mysteries of SUV’s and one ton trucks are crystal clear, you still learn all you can about gas mileage and maintenance costs. It’s a big investment, so getting the right vehicle for your needs at the right price is paramount. Now apply that same procedure to home improvement, specifically thermal upgrading.

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