"Through Trauma Informed, Somatic, Attachment Therapy and Coaching, in Sex, Love, & Relationships, Bee thrives on integrating shadow and light, bringing ones multiple truths and selves into their authentic dance— of pleasure, play, harmony, and belonging, while savouring all colours of the palette as the sacred and perfect parts of the humxn experience that they are.
From Trauma, Tantra, to Taboo, Bee’s work can be described as radical alchemy; holding spaces which allow humxns to come into their full spectrum authentic selves, and have pleasure based lives of Conscious Sex, Radical Love, and Evolutionary Relationships. 
As a kinky, queer, genderfull, BBIBOC, immigrant, parent, and performing artist, Bee loves serving folx with parallel lived experience, in marginalised communities, while also being deeply passionate about working with men,  and revolutionizing dating, intimacy, and relating, (for all genders), with singles and in couples."

Current Offers:


— RAW [Repair After Wounding]

— Tantra [for One or Two]

— Conscious Dating [Waiting List]

Specialized Services

— Bespoke CR&R (Ceremony, Rituals, & Rites) Guide

— ST3M: (Sacred, Therapeutic, Trauma Informed, Tantric Massage)
3-Session Journey & Singular Sessions Available

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