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Hi! My name is Daichi! I am a variety Vtuber, and I upload gameplays and song covers on my YouTube channel. On the side, I practice Tarot Card Reading on myself and my friends, so we are given guidance whenever we feel lost in our lives.

I am happy to tell you that I will be doing the same for you. I would also want to give you the guidance that you need when you feel like you're lost or you're stuck in life. I would do my best to help you the best way that I can.

Tarot cards do not tell us the future. They do not tell us what will happen exactly, but they tell us what might happen, and the cards will tell us how we can prepare ourselves to face that certain situation. The cards also do not tell us to be reliant on the reading as they only serve as our guide. We are still humans, and humans have free will, and I believe that we are still responsible and accountable for whatever decisions we have in our lives. So please keep that in mind.

Much Love,