Welcome to the very first Monthly Tarot Readings for the Year 2022. I started this series because I thought I could share my readings with you every month, and at the same time, it'll also help me practice my tarot skills along the way.

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For January, although we are already halfway through the month, I believe we can still make the most out of what we have right now, so we can strive through the very first month of the year 2022. 

Now I have here a Three-Card Spread that will give us an overview of this month and the things we can do, and how we can achieve that certain outcome that the cards are telling us. Each card will specifically answer a question, and we can interpret what these could mean in our lives and how they will prepare us for the rest of the month.

Remember that tarot readings do not tell us the exact future but will tell us what could happen and prepare us for that.

Take what resonates. Leave what does not.

(The Mystic Mondays cards was used in this reading.)

King of Wands

The first card shows us the current situation you're in or the overview of January 2022. The King of Wands here exudes a lot of that feeling of being victorious as he has overcome his challenges in life. You can also feel that with a lot of popping and warm colours on the card. Additionally, when we're talking about wands, we talk about our creativity, passion, and overall drive for things.

So you might be in that stage where you are feeling high and seeing the big picture of a project. At the same time, it could also mean that you are already working on that project, but you are still overcoming certain challenges as you go. 

I can’t help but relate “overcoming challenges” with how the whole country is fighting off the flu as there has been a surge in people getting high fevers and some testing positive for the never-ending virus that’s spreading. If you are one of those people who are affected, the King of Wands is telling you that you are seeing this as only a minor setback, and he is giving you that energy and willpower to overcome this. 

Three of Wands (Reversed)

We now move on to what’s the best action or what are the best actions we can do right now that will help us with the current situation that we are in. Given that the King of Wands didn’t necessarily give negative meaning or any bad omens, we can consider this card as something that tells us what more can we do in the situation that we are in right now.

As I’m looking at the Reverse Three of Wands, I can tell that while we are standing our ground with such power, authority, and drive, the wands are telling us something that we can work out internally to bring out the best in us. 

I look into the card, and I see three pillars that look like they’re in the ocean. They’re kind of like what you mostly see in piers, and this led me to believe that whatever project you have or ideas that are sparking inside of you, you get to the point where you take action. However, you feel as if your stepping stones look like obstacles that make you struggle instead of progress that will make you feel one step closer to your goal or finish line. 

The best advice the card is telling us is that we should be careful planners and focus on each stepping stone we make for our final output. You feel as if these obstacles are causing the delay of your journey, but that’s the important part that you should look at. You have to focus and reevaluate the path you’re taking — good or bad — because these obstacles are meant for us to go through, learn from them, and apply them so you can finish that certain project you’re doing. 

Six of Wands

Lastly, the Six of Wands is telling that we would be victorious and be in harmony with our passion and creativity at the end. If you look at the card, the woman holds her hands up high, feeling victorious as she sits on top of her wands to celebrate her success.

This is the kind of outcome you would expect if you would follow the actions provided in the reading. To reiterate, that is to plan carefully of your stepping stones in your project, accept these obstacles and struggles, and learn from them. Those will all be worth it, and the feeling of successfully reaping your rewards will truly be glorious. Additionally, you might need to get yourself some reward after that. It is always important for us to be rewarded whenever we have achieved something. This promotes healthy motivation without being too reliant on the rewarding system of human nature.

Remember that you have the King of Wands with you, and you should take that to your advantage. You will be overcoming a lot of challenges as you go through this month, but they are part of the story and should not be ignored or be taken lightly. They’ll be the ones that’ll help you grow and reach the finish line. Of course, as you finish the line, give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself.