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Hello there, this is Ivan from Viewi.

Viewi - is a powerful tool for building full-stack and completely reactive user interfaces using PHP.

Viewi UI - Library with Material Components for Viewi. Inspired by Vuetify and Bootstrap.

Viewi has evolved a lot since it was first introduced. Being featured as a UI tool, it has become a competent front-end framework. So many features have been implemented, and many bugs have been fixed. I keep on improving it every day even though I have a daytime job to do.

Viewi is an open-source and free product; I would like to work on that full-time. Just imagine how many things I can bring to the community—more components, ready-to-use templates, more framework integrations, thoroughly covered with cross-side tests. And there is more: it can be used to build mobile and desktop applications. Don't you want that? Because I do.

Sincerely, your fellow Ivan from Viewi.

Ivan Voitovych

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