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Hey there 👋 I'm Ivan!

Instead of resume.

I am married, and I have two children, an older son, and a younger daughter. I like cycling, walking, cooking, reading, and endlessly finding ways to become more productive. Said a professional procrastinator 😊.

Furthermore, I am a software engineer with about 18 years of experience in software development (Backend, Frontend, DevOps and other sorts of shit). I guess I can call myself a senior software developer. Also, I have about 5 years of experience in team management and currently working as Engineering Manager, directing three teams around 30 people in total in the department.

At the same time, my dream is to become a financially independent solopreneur. And I want to achieve it before my 40th anniversary. Based on such thoughts in mid of November I discovered a community of indie hackers, makers and just awesome friendly people, who runs their own projects. And I decided to join as well.

What I am building?

I spent a lot of time contributing to Open Source projects, and I am going to continue to do it, but as well I want to jump into indie hacking and run some real businesses, based on the experience that I have. So, it is my main page, where you can buy things which I produce as an author and creator. Please, have a look at Extras section.

I don't want to separate my open source work from my business, so if you would like to support me on a selfless basis for my open source contributions, you are welcome. Please, have a look at Membership section.

Activities, on which I focused now, I regularly update on a special page on my website.

The full list of projects I carefully collect on

How to reach out?

Follow me on the Twitter to stay connected! Write me [email protected].

What else?

Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter — Ivan's Weekly Focus, as well as yet one on Belarusian language —

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