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Hey guys! We might be acquainted over Instagram, but I have rarely been giving any insights to what is behind my shoots, especially not the part in regards to the financials needed to realize my shoots.

Due to the current global situation that has affected many professions, sadly I have been heavily affected by it as well, which has led me to this point where for the first time I would openly appreciate any support that would help me continue doing what I love, making content that hopefully you enjoy!

The situation is currently that bad that I cannot afford to work the way that I did, not to mention being forced to halt most of my long term plans and even considering permanently quitting photography as a full-time profession.

I will try to use most of this platform to give you more personal insights on how things are going, in particular with my current short term goals, starting from covering basic costs for the future shoots, and we will see where it takes us from there with your support :)