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IV Words is a forward-looking and -thinking blog where every post is an introduction to what's happened and/or what comes next in economic inequality, the environment, the climate crisis, government, gun violence, politics, progressive causes, social justice and "the way it is."Guest posts welcome.  |  [email protected]  |  701-261-0867

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Your essay reminded me of my eight years at the Voltaire Grade School (demolished years ago).

Hi, Autumn! Thank you so much for your support! Where was Voltaire Grade School located? I'm so glad something in the post connected.  Would you mind if I share the fact that you've supported the blog (with the name "ouzel" only) on my social media platforms? If not, not problem. Please let me know. Happy Easter to you! All the best, Martin

Voltaire Grade School was in Voltaire, ND, a village a few miles east of Velva.  Yes, feel free to say that 'ouzel' supports your blog.  I enjoy your writing. Thanks! --Autumn

Awesome. Thank you again!

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Thank you for reading and thank you so much for your support! The generosity of people like you keeps the IV Words flowing. All the best, Martin

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Thank you so much, Paul, AGAIN. I really appreciate your support. I hope all's well.