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Hi folks!

Nice to see you here!

My name is Ingo – I am an IT guy since more than 30 years …

Even after all these years, I still love Java – this language is almost as old as I am working in IT 😊

In my job, meanwhile, I am mostly working in the quality area – I have left the programming to the younger guys in professional life – maybe better …

But still I can’t keep my fingers quite, so from time to time, I still develop some Java stuff in my private life. I give it for free and most of it is open source.

I love Android – Yeah! You can develop Apps in Java there 😊!

As I am more from the core development area, I am bad in UIs – so please forgive! However I think my apps are usually really low on resource consumption, they are fast and I think …pretty reliable.

Maybe you find my tiny apps useful? – so feel free to check the details about personalHTTPTunnel, personalHTTPproxy and personalDNSfilter on my side.

If not – that’s fine as well – I am not planning to get famous…

So! Have fun!