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DynamoBIM Enthusiast and Reviteer

Hi! My name is John and I am a Revit user. In 2014, I found out about a software called Dynamo and began my journey to being a coder. You may know me from some of my Dynamo work which includes everything from memes to packages that help do awesome things in Revit. Many of these are open source and freely available. My Dynamo experiments are fueled by ☕, so if you feel so inclined you can buy me one on here. Popular Dynamo packages include; Rhythm, Bang!, Monocle and DynaThanos.
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model group origin go brrr

ah, you guys are too nice 🥺

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Love it!!

Hey man! Thanks! Hoping to meet up for real coffee again in person one of these days. 😊

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Someone bought a coffee.


Thanks so much for this! 😁

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Thanks for Monocle! And for bang, rhythm, simple search and lots of memes. Especially simple search makes Dynamo a whole lot more accessible to (new) users. And I like memes!

Thanks so much! ☺️