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If you're feeling generous and have found the app useful, buy me a coffee. No pressure.
M A Overton bought 5 coffees.

Your chrome extension is the best!! None of the other services like ExpertFlyer and AwardNexus take into account my elite status. I would happily pay a subscription fee for this extension. In the meantime, I'll buy you coffees! :-) Thank you.  

Ben R. bought a coffee.

Thanks for all the help.

e* bought a coffee.

thanks for this great tool! just wanted to make sure you're aware of the NH and AC bugs recently!

ben bought a coffee.

works great - Thanks

Tobias bought 3 coffees.

Awesome tool. Keep your work up!

Someone bought 2 coffees.
Lujing bought a coffee.

great tool, saved me so much time

Will bought a coffee.

your tool is amazing and easy to use, keep up the great work!

Terri bought a coffee.

so  helpful!  it doesn't seem to be working right with Quantas right now though.  Thank you ☺️ 

Jarl bought 3 coffees.