Buy Chris Hannah a coffee


I develop apps for iOS/macOS, and also write a ton!

I spend my time doing a lot of different things. But the two I focus on are my apps, and my blog.


The app I’m spending most of my time with at the moment is Text Case.  

I’m working on the next version (2.0), which is a total rebuild/redesign, which I think makes the app look so much better. And it makes it easier for me to expand the app even more.


My writing takes place over on my blog. And I tend to write about my personal opinions and experiences with my life and technology. My most recent big piece was “Ten Days With a Nintendo Switch and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!”, and hopefully I can create more of these style pieces in the future.

Along with these articles, I’ve also been posting a journal entry every single day this year!

Someone bought a coffee.