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Always well known for making our live audiences feel right at home, we welcome you to our living rooms as we entertain you with music and some good old fashioned fun. BYOB by the way, but do buy us a beer to support us in creating more content for you to enjoy. Cheers everybody!

Since they formed in 2002, Jack & Rai are a reputed singer-songwriter duo with a reputation for entertaining audiences, whether with their music, unique cover versions, parodies, or borderline-telepathic, spontaneous banter. 

Ping bought 3 beers.


Thank you ping!

Malc's girlfriend
Malc's girlfriend bought 4 beers.

Thanks for an awesome night of great music! And for taking his request for If I Fell! 

Thank you for beers! Heheh glad you guys enjoyed the show, and hellos to Malc!

Vigneswaran Sellakannu
Vigneswaran Sellakannu bought 6 beers.

Way to go guys!

Yayyyy thanks man!!

Carla bought 3 beers.

Cuz FB is making enuf moola

Hahaha thank you so much carla!

Jessica Yuwanda Yu
Jessica Yuwanda Yu bought 3 beers.

Thank you Jessica! Cheers!