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Hey 👋 I like front-end development, like a lot! I created Cooltipz.css, the #NoPreviewHtmlCss challenge and I'm passionate about inspiring and about fellow developers on Twitter - @jackdomleo7.

I'll cover the credit card fee 👌.

I also like cookies! 🍪

All donations will go back into the tech community in one way or another:

- I may buy a tech book

- A course on something I want to learn

- To helping young developers get into tech

- Towards any hardware/software I may need to improve productivity

- Buying other inspiring human beings a coffee

Thank you so much!! 🙏

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I really like your Cooltipz library and will use it in my project! Thanks for sharing!

This really means a lot! Thank you so much!! 😊🙏

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Enjoy! Pay it forward when you can! 😃

Thank you so much!!! 😊🙏

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This one is for the lot of great tips and how-tos I got from you. Keep up the good work mate!

Thank you! 🙏 I'm really glad they help you!!

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