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Hello! I'm Jack. I am an alcoholic, in recovery and living a sober life. I have struggled with chronic depression and PTSD for about about 12 years but was undiagnosed until early in 2021. My mission today is to share my story with the hope that it finds those who are experiencing the challenges I am overcoming.

I have a memoir in the works titled 'Bourbon on the Rocks', covering the final dark period of my life. My story is a love story in many ways. Yes, love, though twisted and filled with heartache as it focuses on the relationship between my fiancé and I and our mutual struggles with depression, anxiety, alcoholism, broken communication and abuse.

I also very recently launched a blog called Bourbon and Backhoe (the meaning will be thoroughly explained in time) where I share many aspects of my journey and excerpts from my book in progress.

I need help from this fabulous community in order to make my mission possible. Support will finance a very needed new laptop for my writing, editing and eventual publication of my memoir, and also go to providing assistance to other struggling individuals in need. Thank you in advance.