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As I reached the pavement that led to her garage I noticed light was pouring out from where there had been only blackness the night before. Crystal met me at the opening, pulled me inside, and quickly closed the overhead door behind. She walked alongside her parked car, paused while standing over the trunk lid, and returned carrying tape, scissors and paper grocery bags.

I can hardly imagine the expression that crossed my face right then but I was certainly puzzled. My joke about arts and crafts went ignored as she cut the first bag open and taped it to the garage door window. Following her lead, I cut another bag and hung it next to the first. A third and fourth sheet of paper went up, leaving a wide brown stripe five feet above the garage floor. From the outside, no view remained. A satisfied sigh drifted from Crystal's lips as she turned the steel handle to lock the door.

Crystal grabbed my hand, kissed me softly, and led us toward the back of the stall. Scissors and tape were dropped on the trunk lid, joining the remainder of window blocking supplies. I didn't know what her plan was but it was clear that she had made it in advance. There were multiple rolls of tape, two different types, and a spare scissors in case the first one failed.

While Crystal tidied the mess, I took advantage of the provided light and glanced around the space. The first thing I noticed was the project she had proudly told me about. She had sent me pictures of her progress but seeing it in person provided a connection to her that simple photos could not. Artistic expression was important to her, offering a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety alike. It provided healing and rejuvenation for her spirit, as did music and aimlessly floating on a lake.

Looking at me with a mixture of excitement and fear, she uttered “Oh fuck...”

I appreciated the vulnerability she had shown me by revealing those things about herself. It was a favor that I attempted to return, though unnecessary self-protections limited the depth she was allowed to see. Even with that restraint, in less than two weeks she was given access to parts of me that nobody else had seen, while only my innermost feelings about myself were kept behind the wall. As with all people in my life, I wanted her to see the confident man I showed the world, not the side that was often mired in self-doubts. Telling her about the abuses I suffered as a child was not the same as showing her the ways I struggled to believe in myself as a man.

With her work complete, Crystal slipped her hands around my chest and turned me around. She took one stride forward, and opened the rear door of her parked car, gently nudging me to step inside. Seated in the middle of the back seat, I was shocked at the amount of room available. I had owned the same model car many years earlier and didn't remember it being the same. Then I noticed the reason: the front seats had been moved to the fully forward position. As a slender figure slid into the seat beside me, a ponytail of caramel sweeping against my cheek, I stared ahead to the swath of brown paper and realized what her reason for hanging it had been.

Crystal sat herself in my lap and began planting kisses over my cheeks and down my neck, pausing to leave a heated breath below my ear. The tip of her tongue teased that spot, remembering the reaction it caused the night before. She was magical.

Gazing up at her, I cleared my throat and asked, “Did you need the lights on so you could find that spot back?”

She leaned away from me and answered, “I thought you'd want to see me,” as she raised her cartoon character tee shirt over her head. Her perfect breasts, exactly as she described them in flirty messages, came to rest directly in front of me.

She slowly lowered herself from my legs to the expanded space on the floor of her car. Her eyes held mine as her slender fingers began undoing my belt, then my fly, and finally slipped inside the tight-fitting boxer briefs beneath. “These need to go,” she whispered. Crystal's eyes glowed with intensity as she pulled those clothes away and tossed them through the open car door.

Through soft moans I heard “Can I?” I felt my pulse throughout my body as the question moved from her lips to my ears.

Her fingers curled part way around my very hard manhood. Looking at me with a mixture of excitement and fear, she uttered “Oh fuck...” while leaning forward to lightly tease the tip with her tongue, “I don't know if I can handle all of it.” I held her lustful gaze, leaned down to kiss her lips, and whispered, “We can take our time.”

After a couple minutes of gentle licking and intense sucking, I felt Crystal's left hand press against my chest. She pushed my upper body back into the seat as she raised herself to straddle my trembling thighs. Our eyes locked together once again as she lifted her body higher, drifting into me, before forcing her lips against my neck.

Through soft moans I heard “Can I?” I felt my pulse throughout my body as the question moved from her lips to my ears. “Yes. If you’re sure,” was all I could muster as Crystal’s hand and lips continued to assault my senses.

I reached through the open car door to retrieve a condom from my previously discarded jeans. We both had partners who needed to be protected, and no matter how intense our chemistry was, we were still almost strangers. Crystal positioned her slender frame so she could sit atop the armrest between the front seats as I rolled the condom down the length of my shaft.

The ceiling light above the car provided enough light so that I could see her wetness dripping from clean-shaven lips and pooling on the vinyl covering beneath her. My size increased. I reached my hands forward, cupping her firm ass and guiding her into my lap. We kissed, tenderly teasing each other with our tongues. I shifted my position and moved lower, running my lips along her neck and nipping at the sensitive flesh as I went.

Crystal shuddered against me. Her perfect breasts and swollen nipples pressed firmly against my chest as my tongue trailed below her ear. She raised herself slightly then, gripped the back of my head and turned my face toward her own. Our eyes locked, flames of desire dancing in each, and the breath left my chest as she slowly lowered herself over my full length.

Clothed and seated together in the backseat, Crystal and I both knew that we had just opened a door that could never be closed. There was something real between us, not just a chemically driven hook-up or a casual fling resulting from pent up lust. We shared genuine chemistry, common interests and desires, and had just discovered that sex between us was likely going to be the best that either had ever had.

“We didn’t have to do this,” I said, my fingers drawing circles on her arm, “but I’m really glad that we did.”

“You’re wrong, we did have to do this,” Crystal purred back at me. “We needed to have each other. Now we need to make some decisions about what happens next.”

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