Motivation in a rough time is extremely hard to find. With my grandmother deteriorating every single day while living with her is extremely taxing on my motivation and my mental state. I just really hope that I can get through this rough time. Fingers crossed that everything will be alright soon.

Apr 10

I don't usually go out to coffee shops or anywhere really because of the overwhelmingly loud sounds that generate from those places. To most it's a great background sound to write or just sit in, but for me it's a place where meltdowns can take place if I don't get home in time. This is why these headphones I am saving up for are my top priority at the moment. Not just for the coffee shops, but for everyday use when I feel overwhelmed by the sounds around me.  I'm writing a blog post more... more

Mar 14

The generous donations given to me here will stay separated from my bank account until I reach my goal. This is so it prevents me from buying anything with the donations that has nothing to do with my goal.  At the moment I am 30k words into my YA novel and am already proud of the fact that I am finally writing this. The story is very close to my heart and I can't wait for you all to read it one day. Jacky ❤️ 

Mar 11

Disney, Marvel and anything fantasy is my inspiration.

Mar 08

I miss the stage. I love writing, but sometimes I just need to work with a theatre company for a show to get my fix.

Mar 05