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I'm a fellow coffee lover and I love helping people create a life they love.  If you are loving the content I create and have helped you in some small (or huge) way, this is a way for you to share the love.

You can now buy me a virtual coffee! How cool is that!

Oh, and before I go there are a couple of cool Reiki offers that are activated through this "Buy me a Coffee" energy exchange. More information is found within the listed Distance Reiki Healing options. Check out Continuous Distance Reiki and Group Reiki specifically.

AND that isn't all... over to the right, you will find a membership option. This is for Soul Circle, a community coaching program that is for everyone wanting to create a life they love. This is an affordable coaching option for high-value coaching. Once you activate the membership you will be given access to previous content and will be sent the access links to our weekly Monday 3 pm GMT sessions.

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