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I am a Secondary maths teacher in Yorkshire who enjoys creating maths teaching resources and sharing them with other educators.

Thank you for considering donating to the running costs of my website so I can continue to create and share.

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Thank you for sharing your resources - they are of such high quality. You are my go to along with resourceaholic!

Wow what a compliment! Thank you 😊 

Michelle Hanrahan
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Thank you so much for sharing your schemes of work and assessments for free, we have been using them since September 2020. They are great 😊 Michelle.

That’s so great to hear and than you for the coffees! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve them I do have a couple of ideas 💡 

Nick Wynne
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Just thank you for sharing and not charging.

Thank you so much 😁 much appreciated 

Antony O'Keeffe
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Thanks for sharing your resources for FREE!! Such a kind person.

Thanks ☺️ No plans to stop sharing more coming your way soon!

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Thanks! 🙏🏻