This is the most krazy korn...highly delicious! There is a method to making popcorn that is light, fluffy, and soft. If you don't like that...well than keep making the way you always made it.

Popping Corn

Bossy instructions:

  • get a pot with a lid (did I really need to tell you that? NOT!)

  • let the pot and lid get hot.

  • put a layer of oil on the bottom of the pot. Let the oil get hot. (I use sunflower seed oil. Peanut oil is good too. I don't recommend corn oil or vegetable oil - they are too heavy)

  • put ONE kernel of corn in the oil and put the lid on. Wait until it pops.

  • pour one layer of kernels in the bottom of the pot.

  • tilt the lid so that the steam can escape.

  • listen to the not turn the heat down....

  • turn the stove off when ALL the popping stops.

Krazy Korn ...assembly

More Bossy instructions:

  • pour the popcorn in a shallow dish like a lasagne dish. (take my word for it)

  • sprinkle salt to taste.

  • sprinkle garlic powder.

  • sprinkle Nutritional Yeast. (tastes like parmesan cheese......don't panic if you don't have any)

  • grate cheddar cheese all over the popcorn. Use a nutmeg grater (very fine one - that way the cheese has a chance to melt.)

  • Optional: sprinkle with cayenne pepper for a kick, runny nose and watery eyes.

If you have kids you will have to make a ton of this stuff because it is soooo delicious OR you might send them outside to play so you don't have to share....just saying!