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Jaimie Bahl (pronounced Bail) is a Navy Veteran, who has a passion for working with fellow veterans and their families. Employed with the government for 21 years, currently working full time for the local VA Medical Center. She has volunteered with numerous Veteran Service Organizations, holding numerous titles, for about 18 years. Her continuous involvement and dedication earned her a “25 Veterans Voices” award in 2013.

In 2013, Jaimie learned that she is an intuitive healer and has unique gifts. She has utilized her connections, as well as various methods of training, to prepare for her spiritual awakening journey. Living through her own struggles to find her path has strengthened her desire to help others find empowerment, confidence and self-love as they walk their own journey.

She enjoys teaching others about Law of Attraction, Vision Boards, Manifesting & other tools for growth. In 2016, Jaimie’s journey led her to seek certification as a Reiki Master Practitioner. The following year, she became the founder of – Jaimie Bahl – Reiki Energy Healing, LLC, a Twin Cities base company. She creates a beautiful and safe space that honors her clients with an opportunity for reflection and healing while she assists the flow of energy to stimulate the release of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks.

Jaimie has a giving heart and volunteers her time to a plethora of local Veteran community groups. When she isn’t giving her time to the community, she is spending time as a “proud Auntie”.

In 2021, she received her certification an Aromatherapy, through the accredited school "American College of Healthcare Science", based in Oregon. This will assist her in creating her own blends of sprays, roll-ons and other products.

She is an ordained minister and sees herself meeting her “divine masculine partner” someday.