A few years ago, I became certified as a “Flower Therapy Healer”, a course by Robert Reeves. What this means is my training included ways to incorporate Flowers into my Reiki sessions for clients. Flowers want to help us on Spiritual, Awakened/Aware, Intuitive and Healing levels.

Working with flowers will enhance any situation by raising your vibration and serve as great energy.  Fresh ones are the best of course but pictures, computer images, phone wallpapers all work just the same.

They are helpful for balance the Chakras, cleansing your Aura, purification, meditation, and guidance.

Flowers LOVE to help us and always carry a spiritual message or purpose.  Do you notice your favorite flower? Have you ever looked into the spiritual meaning of it?  You should.  I am sure it will be spot on with what you need to hear at this time.

I also learned more details about the connection with the Angels, connection with Fairies and the psychic senses.  I’ve given Reiki to flowers too.  (Reiki is wonderful and felt by all living things.)  I’ve learned that I am guided to work with flowers by setting the intention to have White Roses placed in the palms of my hands and that works as a great cleansing tool.  I also ask for a Pink Lotus to sit at my Heart Chakra and help bring in loving balance.

One of my favorite tips is letting others know that using White Rose flower petals can help clear away heavy and negative energy in your home.  Petals also help cleanse Crystals too!

 Someday I’ll explain the wonderful use of Bach Flower Remedies too!